Podcasts And The Torture of Hearing Your Own Voice

podcastsI love podcasts. As someone who works from home and spends endless hours standing at my desk, I find podcasts the best way to get through the day. You can only listen to your iTunes playlists so many time before you start going a little crazy. I’ve been fortunate enough to also appear on a few podcasts. I’m never comfortable talking about myself and hearing my own voice is just about the worst thing in the world. But these kind folks were so generous and enthusiastic about my work that it put me at ease.

Podcasting is a tough job. It is almost always a passion project and requires a lot of work and time without any pay or profit. I salute these dedicated individuals for following their passion to create these shows out of pure love of the process and/or subject matter. To stay focused and produce a show (or more) every week is really a monumental task.

Below is a list of some of the recent podcasts I’ve had the pleasure of being featured on. My heart-felt thanks to each and every one of them.

Creative South Podcast with Jason Frostholm  My thanks to Jason for having me on the show to talk about my work. This is a really wonderful design podcasts that accompanies the popular conference of the same name. Check it out if you are interested in the world of design. (See Episode 37)

Cloud City Cast with Liam DiCosimo, Brittany DiCosimo, Manoah Crane and Leanne Crane –   I’ve enjoyed this podcast since the beginning. In the build up to The Force Awakens, I was listening to all things Star Wars and Cloud City was one of my favorites. Always fun, always positive – if you love the expanded Disney Universe (Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars) you will dig this show.  (See Episode 4, Episode 22 and Episode 99)

Master of One Podcast with Andrew Sale, Patrick Hill and Luke Gaul – These guys are great. This is my go-to podcast for all things creative. Art/Design, Television/Film and Toys/Games serve as a lose guideline to the twice weekly show but it’s so much more than that. It’s a fun, good-spirited show that I’ve been fortunate enough to be interviewed on as well as sitting in as guest host on occasion. The guest list is mostly centered around Design and Illustration. And if you’re a MONDO fan, you should already be listening.  See episodes 33.2 (Guest host for the Illustrators Panel), 22.2 (Guest Host with Tom Bancroft) and 19.2 (interview).

Living Your Journey with Christopher Swan – Christopher is such a kind soul and a generous interviewer. I was so flattered that he had researched my work and previous interviews. He had some great questions for me and I totally enjoyed the experience. We had a great time talking and appreciate his interest in what I do.

Talk About The Magic  I love talking Disney so it was a pleasure to be a guest on this show. I had a great time discussing my work and my love of Disney. My thanks to Joseph for having me on the show. (Episode #79)



The Dark Side or The Light?

PrintI’ll be returning to WonderGround Gallery on Saturday, May 7th with new Star Wars art and a tribute to everyone’s favorite nighttime spectacular, FANTASMIC! “The Dark Side and The Light” and “Some Imagination” will be available as a deluxe print and a limited edition (95) canvas. I’ll be at the gallery that day from 3:00 – 5:00 pm. Hope you’ll come by and say hello.

I need your help to get the word out about the release. Re-post the image above and you’ll be entered to win a signed deluxe print. If you want the Star Wars print, use the hashtag #TheDarkSide. If you want the Fantasmic! print, use the hashtag #TheLightSide. Make sure to follow all the rules and post the correct image to be eligible.

Here’s all you have to do to enter…

FACEBOOK – Find the exact image seen above on my Facebook page and re-post to your friends and followers. Make sure you add me as a friend so I can see your post. Also, make sure to tag me in your post so I am notified. Include the hashtag #TheDarkSide or #TheLightSide in your post to let me know you read this post and to let me know which print you want should you be the winner.

INSTAGRAM – Follow me (jmaruyama) on Instagram. Find the exact image above in my feed and re-post to your followers. Make sure you include #jmaruyama in your post so I see it. Also include the hashtag #TheDarkSide or #TheLightSide in your post. This will be my way of knowing you visited my site and read the post. It will also let me know which print you want should you be the lucky winner. No private accounts are eligible. Your account must be public in order to participate in the giveaway.

Make sure to post the correct image. If you post the incorrect image, you will not be entered in the drawing.

As an added bonus, I’ll pick two winners. In addition to the prints, I’ll be giving away a prize pack that includes a Little Oyster Tsum Tsum (See image below) all the way from Japan! I’ll also throw in a mug and some other random goodies. The first place winner will have first choice of prizes. Second Place winner will receive the remaining prize.

IMG_5816Contest closes at 11:59 pm on Tuesday, May 3rd. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, May the 4th, of course. Prizes ship to U.S. Addresses only.

WonderGround Gallery is located in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort

May The 4th Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day 2015! It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan. With a new season of Rebels out in June, Episode VII: The Force Awakens due in December and Rogue One planned for 2016, there’s much to be excited about. This year, I chose to pay tribute to Rey and her weird, ice cream bar-shaped speeder. Can’t wait to find out more about who she is. Skywalker? Solo? Time will tell.

May the force be with you… always!

Star Wars Awakens At WonderGround Gallery

MayTheForceBeWithYou_FINAL_REVISED[1]Disney’s WonderGround Gallery has made so many of my dreams come true. Working with Disney characters, seeing my images sold in the gallery and having my artwork featured on Disney pins are all goals achieved thanks to the great folks at WonderGround and Disney. And now I am so grateful to them for making yet another dream of mine come true.

This January, I will have new Star Wars art featured in the gallery. Star Wars has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The films, toys and spin-offs have entertained and inspired me since first seeing A New Hope in theaters in 1977. With new films on the horizon and Star Wars mania working itself into a frenzy once again, I am honored to be able to pay tribute to these timeless characters with my artwork.

I will be appearing at Disney’s WonderGround Gallery on Friday and Saturday – January 16th and 17th from 6-8pm. Read about the event on Disney’s Blog.

This just also happens to be the weekend of Disney’s Star Wars Half Marathon. So, if you’re in town for the race, drop on by the gallery Friday and Saturday to check out all the new art and merchandise.

WonderGround Gallery is located in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort.