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I am always appreciative when someone shares my work with their followers. I’d like to thank Meredith Carroll for doing just that. Meredith has written a few very generous articles on my artwork over on Disney’s She did a nice tribute to Hipster Mickey and my work at WonderGround Gallery. And just today she posted a piece about my Disney work in general titled 20 Darling Images That Take Disney Fan Art to A New Level of Charm. Thank you for these wonderful posts and for introducing a whole new audience to my work.

About Meredith Carroll (Taken from the website) – Meredith C. Carroll is an award-winning columnist and writer based in Aspen, Colo. She can be found every Friday on the Op-Ed page of The Denver Post. From 2005 – 2012 her other column, Meredith Pro Tem, ran in newspapers across the West, as well as occasionally on The Huffington Post since 2009. Read more about her (or don’t, whatever) at, and find her daily posts at Babble’s Mom and Toddler blogs.

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