Disney’s WonderGround Gallery Opening

Some merchandise from the WonderGround Gallery in Downtown Disney - Anaheim, CA

On Saturday June 9th, I had the privilege of participating in an artists signing for the grand opening of Disney’s WonderGround Gallery. Housed in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney district in the spot right next to D Street, the new gallery features artist’s interpretations of Disney characters. For this opening exhibition, the theme was the films of Disney•Pixar. I was super-excited to do a piece based on the TOY STORY films. In addition to the Pixar theme, artists were also invited to do a piece celebrating Mickey Mouse. I was fortunate enough to have three pieces in the show – Warm Up Mickey, Steamboat Willie and Hipster Mickey. My images were featured on Giclees and prints in various sizes, a journal, a magnet, a postcard and even a t-shirt. Seeing my work on the huge banners at the front of the store as well as the Gallery bags and stickers was such a treat. It was a dream come true.

I was on hand at the gallery from 3-5 to greet customers and sign my work. What a turn out. It was incredible. I was touched by the response to my work and so grateful to everyone who purchased art and merchandise. I had such fun meeting some really great people and can’t thank them enough for their kind words. Disney fans are the best! And what great company I was in. Meeting the other artists was something I won’t soon forget. Finally got to meet the super-talented Jared Andrew Schorr. What an honor to rub elbows with the likes of Amy Mebberson, Sean D’Anconia, Disney Imagineer Danny Handke, Michelle Romo, Sean Chao, Martin Hsu, Stacey Aoyama and Frank Svengsouk. Such incredibly talented artists and great people. A special thanks to the incredible Noah for taking the time to express such generous encouragement. I even got to shake hands with George A. Kalogridis President, Disneyland Resort.

I really want to thank all of the kind folks at Disney. This project was such a blast and one I won’t soon forget. The gallery was beautiful – everything looked terrific. I can’t thank them enough for everything they did to get this project up and running. Everyone I worked with was so generous and appreciative. I only hope I get the chance to work with them all again.

I also wanted to thank all the family and friends who came out for opening day. I can’t express enough how touched I was by your presence and generosity. I know how busy our lives can be. So the fact that you made the time (not to mention the trek) to be there is really quite amazing. I won’t forget this day and I’m  so glad that so many of you were there to share it with me. I am forever grateful.

A note on the merchandise: Currently, the artwork and merchandise are only available at the WonderGround Gallery in the Downtown Disney district in Anaheim, CA. The artwork is available in a few different formats. Hipster Mickey is available in two sizes as a stretched canvas Giclee Limited to 95. It is also available as a deluxe print, on a journal, a magnet and a postcard. Warm Up Mickey is available in two sizes as a stretched canvas Giclee limited to 95. It is also available as a deluxe print, on a t-shirt and a note card set. Steamboat Willie is available in one size as a stretched canvas giclee limited to 95 and as a deluxe print. Playtime In Andy’s Room is available in one size as a framed canvas Giclee and as a deluxe print.

Check with Disney for more information on availability and pricing of each item. More items might still be coming so make sure to check back. Currently, the merchandise is not available online.

WonderGround Gallery - Downtown Disney

A view of the gallery the night before opening

Signing my Steamboat Willie piece
















WonderGround Gallery - Downtown Disney Anaheim, CA

The morning of the opening







Wonderground Gallery - Downtown Disney (Anaheim, CA)

A view inside the gallery







WonderGround Gallery - Downtown Disney (Anaheim, CA)

It's a packed house.

WonderGround Gallery - Downtown Disney (Anaheim, CA)

Playtime in Andy's Room - my Toy Story piece Framed Giclee Limited Editon (95)

WonderGround Gallery

Some of the merchandise - Note card sets and prints

WonderGround Gallery - Downtown Disney (Anaheim, CA)

Warm Up Mickey - Large Giclee Limited Edition (95)

WonderGround Gallery - Downtown Disney (Anaheim, CA)

iPads allow visitors to view profiles on each artist and their work