Cody Simpson’s Koala

Yesterday, pop singer Cody Simpson appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show show to chat and perform his latest single. At the beginning of the interview, the young Australian presented Ellen with a gift – a huge, over-sized, stuffed koala in a Cody Simpson t-shirt. I designed that Koala!

They based the design and concept on my drawings and turn-arounds! Hopefully, it will be available to the public soon. How exciting!

See the clip here – Cody Simpson on Ellen

Vinylmation: PARK STARZ Series 1

Disney unveiled the specifics about the Vinylmation Project Z they’ve been teasing. At The Florida Project (September 9 – 11, 2011) over at Epcot, we finally got a glimps of the new molds and characters to be featured in this first round of releases. Check out the full report over at Destination Vinylmation for some great photos of the new toys and info about the event.  Also, check out the Flickr page from Inside The Magic for some great shots of the vinyl figures and the event in general.

Disney Kawaiicons

Lately I have been working on a series of Disney themed icons. It’s been a fun way to practice doing various Disney characters in the kawaii style. Stitch is the latest addition to the group. I’ve also done Simba, Dumbo, Marie, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket and more. For you retro Disney park fans, I also did The Frito Kid and The Florida Orange bird which I debuted at the D23 Expo in August. Please check them all out at my Flickr site.

The Art of Joey Chou







I want to use this blog to showcase some really talented people. These are artists that I either know or admire or both. The first featured artist is Southern California artist Joey Chou. I first came to discover Joey’s work through his amazing illustrations for the recent It’s a small world book from Disney publishing. I was sorry to miss his appearance and signing at the recent D23 Expo. The Disney Living Pavilion (sponsored by Disney Consumer Products) featured Joey’s book among their new line of clothing now available at Nordstrom.

Please take some time to check out Joey’s impressive website and blog. His work is beautiful – colorful, original and dynamic. There are elements of the past in his work and yet each piece feels completely original. This is not an homage to other artists or styles. His playful images are inspired! Keep an eye on this guy. I am so excited to see what he does next!

Meet The Flintstones

Every month, Planet Pulp features a fun, new, Geek-tastic theme for their online gallery show. It’s such an honor to be on their impressive list of contributors. This month’s theme is the Ha-Ha Sitcom Show! Any sitcom is open for exploration. With such a fun and wide-open theme it’s no wonder there are so many pieces already! I used this as the perfect opportunity to do a Flintstones piece. What fun! I wouldn’t say it’s in the kawaii style but they do seem a bit more midgety. Someone on Dribble said they were mini-Flintstones. I like that. Make sure to check out Planet Pulp every month for some really fun art from some great people.