Art Giveaway: Show Me Your Hipster Side















Do you love Hipster Mickey? Now is your chance to show that love with a photo. I’m giving away a signed, deluxe print to the best dressed Hipster out there. As a bonus, I am also giving away mini-prints of previously unreleased character art from my personal collection. These prints are not available for sale.

Here’s all you have to do…

Dress up in your hippest of Hipster outfits. Now add Mickey Mouse ears. Take a photo and post it. It’s that easy. The photo can be of you, your spouse, your kids, your boyfriend – whoever wants to be in the pic. One entry per person, per photo.

UPDATE: It does not have to be Hipster Mickey merchandise. Just dress up in your own personal Hipster outfit – and don’t forget the ears.


  • Your Hipster outfit MUST INCLUDE MOUSE EARS! They can be Mickey Mouse ears, Minnie Mouse ears or you can make them yourself. Only outfits that include Mouse ears will be entered.
  • Post your photo to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Your name will be entered once for each platform you post on.
  • You must include the hashtag #AHipstersLifeForMe in all posts. Posts without this hashtag will not be entered.
  • On Twitter, you must include @jmaruyama in your tweet. On Instagram you must include @jmaruyama in your post. On Facebook you have to add me as a friend and tag me in your photo. Failure to do any of these will prevent me from seeing your entry.
  • Only postings that follow all of these rules will be eligible for the contest.


First Prize – A Hipster’s Life For Me Signed Deluxe print + Your choice of one (1) mini-print

Second Prize – A Hipster’s Life For Me Postcard (Signed) + Your choice of one (1) mini-print

Runner up prizes will include a signed postcard, magnet, and mini-prints. Number of runner up prizes will be determined by the number of entries received. First prize will be chosen by me. Second prize and runner up prizes will be selected through random drawing.

Mini-Print winners will get to select from the prints shown below. Mini-prints are 5″ x 7″ images in an 8×10 matte. These images are from my own personal collection and are not available for sale.


Winners will be announced on Thursday, November 6th.

Prizes for this contest will be shipped to U.S. addresses only.

“A Hipster’s Life For Me” will debut at WonderGround Gallery on Saturday, November 8th. I’ll be at the gallery from 11am – 1pm that day to celebrate the release.

WonderGround Gallery is located in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort.


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Disney Villains – Transformation

PrintTemplateI’m constantly drawing and trying out new styles. Whether in a sketchbook or on the computer, I never tire of drawing Disney characters. And nobody does villains like Disney. More often than not, they’re the most interesting part of a Disney film. Here’s a tribute to a few of my favorite baddies from Disney animation with their evil alter egos in silhouette.

This piece is not available sale. It’s just for fun. It’s rare that I get to draw for fun these days so I take every chance I get.


Runaway Brain

RunawayBrain_7x5Runaway Brain is probably my favorite Mickey Mouse short. Originally released in 1995 in front of Disney’s A Kid In King Arthur’s Court (it was released earlier that year internationally with A Goofy Movie), the short is a funny, fast-paced update of the Mickey Mouse cartoon formula. Featuring Mickey, Minnie, Pete (as Julius) and the new character Dr. Frankenollie (voiced by Kelsey Grammer), the short is full of gags and a few jokes only Disney fans will get. The humor is a bit edgier and darker, at least for a Mickey Mouse short. Runaway Brain was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short but lost to the Wallace and Gromit film A Close Shave. To date, I only know of its release on home video via the Walt Disney Treasures DVD: Mickey Mouse In Living Color Vol. 2. It would be the last Mickey Mouse short released theatrically until Get A Horse (2013).

This is my little tribute to this fantastic piece of animation and an interesting addition to Mickey’s lengthy filmography.

A Hipster’s Life For Me Debuts November 8th
















I’m happy to announce the next piece in the Hipster Mickey series! On Saturday, November 8th, WonderGround Gallery will debut A Hipster Life For Me. This latest image finds Mickey hanging out in the queue for Disneyland’s Pirate of The Caribbean attraction and looking too-cool with his Mint Julep. The piece will be available as a limited edition canvas, deluxe print and a variety of merchandise. I’ll be at the gallery on Saturday, November 8th from 11am – 1pm. This will be final signing of the year.

To celebrate this new piece, I’ll be posting another art giveaway on the blog! Stay tuned for details and find out how you can win a deluxe print.

You can read all about the release on Disney’s blog post here!

WonderGround Gallery is located in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort.

This Is Halloween

Basic RGBOn my recent visit to Disneyland, I had to make sure to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday. The line was long – snaking it’s way through the fountain area next to the entrance to the classic attraction. But we still managed to ride it a few times during our visit. I must admit, this is my favorite part of Halloween Time at the resort. I’m a big fan of Tim Burton’s film and always find it inspiring. I pretty much listen to the soundtrack non-stop during the month of October. Here’s a little fan art – just for fun – inspired by this incredible film and the holiday overlay at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. Hope to visit the Tokyo Disneyland version one of these days!

World of Evil

WorldofEvil_FinalEven evil has its cute side. This piece will be available at Disney’s WonderGround Gallery on Saturday, October 11th. I’ll be at the gallery from 11am – 1pm along with fellow artists Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Bryan Fyffe, Jeff Granito and Sydney Hanson. So, if you’re celebrating Halloween Time at Disneyland that weekend, make sure to stop by and say hello!

For more details on the signing and participating artists, visit the event page.

WonderGround Gallery is located in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort.

DATE NIGHT Debuts At WonderGround Gallery


I always enjoy my visits to Disney’s WonderGround Gallery. But this time, they really outdid themselves. Not only was my signing station decorated with some great retro props, but I had a band at my side as well! More specifically, I had the awesome Ry Bradley and his band playing some fun ring-a-ding tunes to keep everyone entertained. If you frequent Downtown Disney in the evening, you have probably heard these talented guys before. They usually play the main stage down by ESPN Zone. What an honor to be at the gallery with them. I can’t thank them enough for their fantastic set.

My thanks to everyone at WonderGround Gallery for going above and beyond to make this a really special event! Your efforts to make these things go off without a hitch are so appreciated. Can’t wait to come back.

Special thanks to everyone who braved the heat and the crowds to make their way to Downtown Disney on a Friday evening. That’s no easy feat and I appreciate your efforts. It’s always so humbling to meet all of you and I am touched by your support and kind words.

Pins1The WonderGround Mickey and Minnie pins are now available at the gallery. I know they were sold out during the event but don’t worry – they will be re-stocked soon. The pins are also available at WORLD OF DISNEY and the PIN TRADERS kiosk in Downtown Disney. In the parks, I saw them at the EMPORIUM on Main Street in Disneyland and at the Shops on Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure. These are limited release pins and are found behind the counter in display cases. You won’t find them on the spinning display racks. Just ask a cast member! The pins are also supposed to be available at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. I haven’t heard any reports about this yet.

I’ll be back at the gallery with a new image on Saturday October 11th. More details to come.

WonderGround Gallery is located in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort.

Disneyland DATE NIGHT Winners

DateNight_CollageMy sincere thanks to everyone who posted photos for the Disneyland Date Night contest. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with all of the entries. Some of you really got creative. I was so touched by how many entries I received. I only wish I could send everyone something. I hope to do another one soon!

Here are the winners.

DATE NIGHT Deluxe Print – Brian Koga (Twitter) and Samuel Adam Toma (Facebook)

DATE NIGHT Postcard – Christine Arietta (Twitter) and Jayme Wojciechowski (Instagram)

DATE NIGHT Magnet – Jonathan Chan (Facebook) and Jennifer Wong (Facebook)

I have received email from all the winners already. Thank you for your prompt replies! Your packages will go in the mail on Monday.

You Need A Disneyland DATE NIGHT

MickeyMouse_IconI’ll be heading back to WonderGround Gallery on Friday, September 12th from 5pm – 7pm with a new Mickey and Minnie piece – DATE NIGHT!  That means it’s time to give away more artwork! I’ll be giving out a DATE NIGHT deluxe print as well as a few other goodies to a select few.

Here’s all you have to do to enter…

Post a picture of yourself with any of my Disney art or merchandise. I want to see you drinking from your Small world mug or wearing a Hipster Mickey t-shirt. It can be a pic of you next to my work at WonderGround Gallery or with a piece from your own personal collection. If you don’t own any of my artwork, don’t worry. Just bring up a Disney image of mine on your computer or phone and take a picture of yourself next to it. Get creative!

The picture has to have you in it and any image of my Disney work.

Now that you have a pic, you just need to post it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Tag me in the post and include the phrase “I NEED A DISNEYLAND DATE NIGHT”. I’ll enter your name in the drawing for each post on any of the platforms. The maximum number of entries is three per person if you post on all three – Facebook, Instagram of Twitter.

  • Friend me on Facebook. Post your photos on my timeline and make sure you tag it  with my full name (Jerrod Maruyama) so I see the post on my timeline. If I don’t see it, you won’t be entered. If you are unsure, just ask me! Don’t forget the phrase “I NEED A DISNEYLAND DATE NIGHT” in your post.
  • Follow me on Instagram (jmaruyama). Post a pic to your Instagram account and make sure to use #jmaruyama on your post so that I see your pic. If you don’t use the correct tag or if you have a private account, I won’t be able to see the pic. And don’t forget the phrase “I NEED A DISNEYLAND DATE NIGHT” in your post.
  • Follow me on Twitter. Post your pic on Twitter and make sure you include @jmaruyama in your tweet as well as the phrase “I NEED A DISNEYLAND DATE NIGHT”.
  • You must follow ALL rules to be entered into the drawing.
  • Contest ends at midnight on Wednesday, September 10th.
  • Winners will be announced on Thursday, September 11th
Date Night (Available September 12, 2014)

Date Night (Available September 12, 2014)

The winner will receive a signed “DATE NIGHT” deluxe print from WonderGround Gallery.  Depending on the number of entries, I will pick multiple winners. Honorable mentions will be awarded magnets and postcards.

Prizes ship to U.S. addresses only.

WonderGround Gallery is located in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort.


Date Night At Disneyland

Date Night (Available September 12, 2014)















Just ask Mickey and Minnie – there’s nothing more romantic than Disneyland after dark. From the bright lights of Main Street to the pink glow of the castle, the park transforms to a different place. In my latest piece for WonderGround Gallery, I pay tribute to the Happiest Place On Earth after the sun has set. Mickey and Minnie are dressed in their finest for a DATE NIGHT at Disneyland.

I’ll be at WonderGround Gallery on Friday, September 12th from 5pm – 7pm. Come  say hello and check out the new art and merchandise available.

WonderGround Gallery is located in the Downtown Disney® District at the Disneyland® Resort.